About us

We provide SOLUTIONS to save your money and print faster.

Not just UV LED curing dryers , but complete, customized systems for your existing printing machines or new installations.
Years of Experience

Who we are

PrintLED is a trade mark of PrintabLED Srl, founded in 2011 as a UV LED curing system manufacturer and today has already boasted numerous installations in Italy, Central Europe and Africa.

Global vision

Thanks to technological development based on discovering and studying the sector’s requirements and problems, continuously following the evolution of the ink and varnish production technologies we can offer customers a reliable and continuously improving product.

Sustainable Solutions

PrintLED UV LED technology saves energy (more than 80% compared to traditional UV Hg lamps, for example) Ozone, mercury and UVC are almost completely eliminated. The specific inks and varnishes for UV LED do not contain solvents, and thus comply with European regulations in accordance with the Agenda 2030 goals.

Continuous Innovation

PrintLED’s great innovative approach is made possible by continuous analysis of the market and its characteristic processes and by predicting the market in order to continuously improve the performance and reliability of the products: 3° generation of lamps

Worldwide customers and projects

We are proud of our partnerships and clients, we learn and grow with them.
We are committed to improving every day.

Our Values

Improving your business, simply, quickly.

Analyzing and understanding your needs, studying each situation in detail, designing and producing tailor-made solutions.

Our Vision

Our customers come first. We lead with quality UV LED systems, assisting them in overcoming production challenges while driving innovation and sustainability. Through customer focus and excellence, we reshape printing for a greener world.

Our Mission

At PrintabLED, we make top-quality, reliable, and high-performing UV LED systems to improve the printing industry. Our goal is to provide easy-to-use, eco-friendly solutions that help our customers produce outstanding prints faster and more efficiently. With our strong engineering skills and proven designs, we focus on creating superior products that are both effective and gentle on the environment. We’re here to make printing easier and greener for everyone.

Our Motto

“Innovating Tomorrow’s Printing, Sustainably. Today.”