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PrintLED ® UV LED lamps are designed with a modular concept that allows a simple and fast installation. Modifications to the electrical system of your printing machine will be minimal and you will be ready to print immediately after installation without the need for extraction systems or substitution of machine parts sensitive to corrosion.

The added value of PrintLED lies in supplying its customers with advice both in the pre- and post-sales phases.

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In fact, during the first approach, the company carries out an overall analysis of all the KPIs provided and assesses how much the client company could save by implementing the UV LED system to its machinery: a process that differentiates PrintLED and is made possible thanks to the skills of its printing specialists.


A unique consultancy therefore in its kind, which operates at 360 ° and guarantees safety and increases the standards of profitability.

Finally, PrintLED printing specialists allow clients a course of “staying on business”: solving a problem is reflected in an overall  improvement of the client company income statement.


  • Facility of installation
  • Study with customers the best possible position of auxiliary equipment (mainly electrical cabinet and chiller)
  • Drafting of a Responsibility Matrix to define activities that will be performed to complete the installation
  • Drafting of a Testing Protocol to define the procedure of test run
  • Arrangement of interconnections between different components – cables, tubes and fittings – to make the plant shutdown the shortest possible and to facilitate the production restart
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