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No more ozone, high temperatures and high voltage. PrintLED systems eliminate all dangers and regular maintenance typical of traditional UV lamps. Specifically, these systems operate at an internal temperature below 70° opposed to the 900° in old UV ovens; furthermore, the system decreases CO2 emissions thanks to energy savings in excess of 90% compared to old systems. PrintLED improves your profitability with increased environmental and safety advantages.


In brief, UV LED technology is ideal for preserving the environment, with a minimal impact  thanks to the formula no wasted energy – no ozone – no mercury.

Reduction of electrical consumption of more than 90%, total elimination of Ozone emissions: two factors that generate competitive, environmental and safety based advantages. Thanks to PrintLED UV LED solutions, the performance of the machines significantly increases, and in most cases this is complemented by a production capacity increase, on the other hand both the environment and the human operators benefits in terms of energy savings, overall impact and workplace safety.


The PrintLED sensitivity towards the environment, sustainability and energy savings, is an added value, a belief and  a company way of life that is also a guideline for all manufacturing processes. These values are moreover powered by the use of LEDs, “friends”to humans and nature.


Green technology to protect the environment

  • Energy: up to 90% less
  • Ozone free
  • Heat waste: 80% less
  • No Mercury disposal
  • No Natural Gas consumption
  • Up to 80% less production scraps

Greater productivity – higher quality – lower risks

is the winning LED formula, which guarantees operator safety in the first place. The elimination of Mercury, the reduced voltage and the use of more robust lamps allow a low risk of damage to the machines and an almost total absence of fragile components.

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