Printing specialist

Today the company has more than 10 employees and has implemented its overall vision of market processes, thanks to a technological development based on the study of sector needs and a strong analytical capacity. This model allows PrintLED to have a medium-long term vision and to predict market trends.

Being a specialist in the press does not mean just forecasting and anticipating market trends, but also studying it and analysing it continuously, to offer customers the right product at the right time. PrintLED customized solutions guarantee an innovative, technological and high performance product.

Furthermore, it means supplying customers with turn-key solutions and accompanying them from the modelling of prospective advantages up to the optimization of post-commissioning printing: throughout these activities, the customer and his personnel is supported by PrintLED specialists.

Specialisti Della Stampa

Smart Power

PrintLED Technology  recommended with the right balance of High and Low Power UV LED lamps.

Dot gain remains very low, resulting in enhanced effects of:

Depth of field – 3D Effect

• Incredible definition of details


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