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In some cases, the system allows you to work at higher speeds compared to mercury UV systems in reel and sheet fed applications. The lamps have an estimated lifetime that allows a production of approximately 200 million copies with constant quality, eliminating the need for periodic replacement of bulbs. The power of the lamp is adjustable from 0 to 100% and the fact that the LED systems are immediate on / off eliminates any  stand-by times. Furthermore, PrintLED ® offers a partial lighting system that leads to further energy savings when printing allowing to adjust the emitting window according to the print format.


Cost analysis is easy: LED lamps consume up to 80% less than UV lamps. This means that if a traditional lamp costs € 3 / hour, an LED lamp costs just € 0.6 / hour.

The costs of operating a traditional UV lamp system should also include the costs of bulb replacement and maintenance to shutters and reflectors. This leads to added labor costs and a decrease in productivity of the machine to which we must also add wastages due to the inefficiency of the lamps towards the end of their lifetime. It is sufficient to replace the UV lamps with UV LEDs to switch to much less expensive electricity supply contracts, without counting , in the case of installation of new machines, the reduction in the capital and installation costs of installing the power supply system. In particular, the need for expensive ozone and heat extraction systems is no longer necessary, in terms of investment and operating costs as well as the costs deriving from the conditioning of the air resulting from the restoration of extracted air. If this was not enough, the extraordinary economic superiority of UV LED can also be demonstrated by its durability: constant quality for about 200 million prints against around a thousand hours of lifetime for a traditional UV lamp.


Less Costs

Life span: 20.000 hours

• Instantaneous ON/OFF

• Power regulation from 0 to 100%

No ventilation to remove Heat and Ozone

Cheaper electrical system

• Fast payback of the investment

No ageing of press components

• Very low maintenance costs


Greater Productivity – Higher Quality – Lower Risks

is the winning LED formula, which guarantees operator safety in the first place. The elimination of Mercury, the reduced voltage and the use of more robust lamps allow a low risk of damage to the machines and an almost total absence of fragile components.

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