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The absolutely constant radiated frequencies emitted by UV LEDs allow maximum precision in processing and total control over the entire production process. UV LEDs do not need to heat up to emit the correct radiation, they immediately have maximum efficiency as soon as they are switched on. And even when its time for switching off, there is no need to wait for cooling, leading to obvious energy savings. The LEDs do not heat up, they no longer give the negative effects of the infrared radiation with consequent elimination of all registration problems, aging and variations in humidity of printed substrates.

Furthermore, energy savings and in general the environmental advantages generated by the use of LED technology, clearly have a positive influence on workplace and machine safety. In fact, the curing process is optimal, since radiation is stable and heating of any machine part and/or conveyor belt is negligible, and also the sheet stack is effectively always at room temperature.

300 kW LESS power for 20% MORE speed

• Instantaneous On-Off

Power regulation from 0 to 100%

No extraction of Heat and Ozone

• Concentration of the emitted wavelength only at 385nm

More protection for people

Elimination of Ozone and UVC

• Lamps operational temperature at <80 °C opposed to 800°C of normal Hg lamps

Low voltage: 48V vs Hg lamps up to 2000V

Robust lamps, low risk of damage and fewer fragile components:

Very low maintenance


Greater Productivity – Higher Quality – Lower Risks

is the winning LED formula, which guarantees operator safety in the first place. The elimination of Mercury, the reduced voltage and the use of more robust lamps allow a low risk of damage to the machines and an almost total absence of fragile components.

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