Design and manufacturing of UV-LED lamps: the future for quality printing. PrintLED’s great innovative approach is made possible by a continuous study of the marketplace and the processes that define it. The study, understanding and sensitivity towards the products of each customer, represent an added value of PrintLED: a new customer means understanding a new product, analysing it and designing tailor-made solutions. Each customer, each product represents a new story, a new analysis.


The strong innovative approach allows PrintLED not only to keep in step with the times, but to forecast the market: this leads to enormous competitive advantages in terms of “Internet 4.0” (remote access, remote troubleshooting, tuning, health check).

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The detailed knowledge of Offset printing, screen printing and pad printing processes allows PrintLED to provide solutions that are always one step ahead of the others, starting from the application of LEDs to industrial printing.


PrintLED lamps are designed by specialists who are up to date with the most advanced technologies on the market, studying their progress and trends. Analysing products available on the market, and through a careful selection, the customer’s machine is evaluated and the most technologically advanced and most suitable solution to the needs is sought out.


The PrintLED brand is based on an experience of over fifteen years in the conception, design and development of printing machines for decorating, protecting and enhancing materials on an industrial level.


The combination of experience vs innovation represents the winning company mix to support customers, by studying and analysing each market. Also based on converters’ customers, PrintLED offers high added value solutions, customized on the basis of a first evaluation of the end product and a consequent approach aimed at understanding both customer needs and market trends.

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