Next generation curing

When defining the project with the customer, PrintLED technicians will make the most appropriate proposals based on achieving the best result on the printing process while minimizing the investment cost and energy consumption of the UV LED system.

The PrintLED configuration concept is modular and flexible, the dryers are light and easy to move in all printing groups, it’s easy to expand the system integrating new dryers if needed. 

The dryers require no warm-up time, they switch on and off instantly. The light can be dimmed from 0 to 100 continuously, the wavelength is concentrated only where needed, and the stand-by consumption is less than 1 kW, which is the power required for the stand-by power supply of the electronic components.

LEDs are not all the same

A major part of our production process consists in selecting the LEDs, which are not all the same!  

The company continuously studies and does research on the best technology available in the market.

We carefully select them based on:

Expert people and smart data are the core of our digital services, and we continually invest to enhance our engineering capabilities to increase your press’s reliability and productivity, while improving the effectiveness and flexibility of planned maintenance.

Worldwide customers and projects

We are proud of our partnerships and clients, we learn and grow with them.
We are committed to improving every day.

Customized Design,
Support and Service

Each application, each printing substrate, standard or extra luxury, requires special attention, to optimize the quality of the final product and the production process, reducing waste and costs.